Online Classrooms

These online classrooms have been specifically designed for business owners and staff to get the most out of their Shortcuts system. 

It’s super easy to get started:

  1. Find a class you’d like to attend from the list below
  2. Click “Register for Class”
  3. Choose from the available class dates and enrol
  4. Await further instructions – we’ll send you an email to confirm!

If there’s not a time that suits, you can also watch a recording of the content – just click the blue button to “View Recording”.

There is no limit to how many classes you can enrol in, however we do recommend you attend them in a logical format (hint – start at the top, work your way down!)

We look forward to helping you grow your business and expand your knowledge of your Shortcuts system!

What's New in 8.1

Learn all about the new features available in Shortcuts latest and greatest version – Shortcuts 8.1.

Fusion Reports

Unlock valuable statistics and figures through understanding the details available in your Shortcuts Fusion reports. 

Stock Control Part 1

Learn how to configure your stock, including adding levels to maintain automatic stock control. We will also teach you how to perform a stocktake and manage your professional stock usage. 

Stock Control Part 2

Gain the knowledge how to complete ordering and receiving of your stock through Shortcuts. In this class we will also explore when and how to use the bundle and unbundle feature. 


NOTE: We recommend you attend Stock Control Part 1 prior to this classroom.

Shortcuts Marketing

Learn to utilise Shortcuts powerful marketing tool. Super simple to use for email and SMS marketing campaigns. Ongoing and once off campaigns are a breeze to setup. 

Cloud Access, Appointment Book & Upsell

Learn how to access your fully functioning appointment book accessible via any internet enabled device that syncs in real-time to the Shortcuts fusion appointment book with the ability to add services and products from the treatment room/styling station. 

Cloud Reporting / Dashboard

Access your anywhere, anytime, multi-site capable reporting platform available in Shortcuts Cloud.


NOTE: We recommend you attend Cloud access, Appointment Book & Cloud Upsell prior to this classroom. 


Track key numbers across your business from your Targets dashboards. Set goals for individuals and the business as a whole, and track staff and business performance on easy-to-use dashboards that live in the cloud. 


NOTE: We recommend you attend Cloud access, Appointment Book & Cloud Upsell prior to this classroom. 

Online CICs

Enhance your guest experience with this handy little feature makes capturing client information a breeze. Your clients simply enter their details on an iPad or tablet, and your system will be instantly updated. You’ll never have to worry about data entry mistakes again. 

Custom Forms

Custom created online forms that suit your unique business needs. Capture essential details such as allergies and contraindications, or obtain client consent, before you perform a service. 


NOTE: We suggest you have completed ‘Online CIC’s prior to this class) 

My Guest App

Learn how to enable your businesses personalised mobile app for your guests to download from the app store. They’ll get instant access to news, specials and their loyalty balance, plus they’ll be able to manage their own appointments, anytime, anywhere!